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Modernization of your plants

Often it is not possible anymore to deliver spare parts of elder stock units. We offer you for all fields of power generation a replacement and/or modernization of your current plants.

Our service contains

  • renewal of the emergency power unit
  • renewal of the cogeneration unit's switchgear
  • renewal of the switchgear for steam turbines
  • renewal and/or upgrade of speed adjustments and electrical speed regulators
  • replacement of control systems (automatic modification sets for elder control automatics)
  • replacement and/or upgrade of power circuit breakers with all the required cupperwares in elder distribution units
  • replacement and/or modernization of elder static generation vibrator units from generators
  • automation of units for synchronization/mains parallel operations

This is why you are better off when you talk to our specialists at Eldata. We can do al lot for you, if you consider spare parts and/or modernization.