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Emergency Power Units

We offer you emergency power units in order to guarantee a constant power supply for

  • public institutions for personal and product protection
  • protection of administration and production
  • high-load units in combination with emergency power supply for reducing energy costs

As a matter of course, each energy power supply unit will be planned and produced according to VDE 0100, VDE 0107 and VDE 0108 referred to VDS.

We produce single- and multimodule emergency power plants with and without synchronization, parallel mains operation and Netzbezugsregelung

We are comitted to SPS technique regarding administration and control of complex low-voltage systems load distribution and load management. Our specialization of SPS technique is the S7 including the according communication groups and components of visualization. If desired, also other components in SPS technique are available.

In addition to that, we offer you power units in low-voltage systems up to 6300A, as well as medium-voltage cells.

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